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o▓ry of other countries on the ground of national security.67. Fifth, the Philippines cla▓ims that some islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Qundao are located within its exclusive economic zone and continental shelf and therefore should fall under its sovereignty or form part of its continental shelf. This is an attempt to use maritime jurisdicti

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“establish [...] with due regard▓ for the sovereignty of all States, a legal order for the seas and ocean”. Therefore, a coastal state can only claim maritime ju

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risdiction un▓der the precondition of respecting the territorial sovereignty of another sta▓te. No state can extend its maritime jurisdiction to ▓an area under the sovereignty of an

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other; still less can it use such jurisdiction as an excuse to deny another state’s sovereignty or even to infringe upon its territory.68. Sixth, th

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e Philippines’ so-called ▓“effective control” on the basis of its illegal seizure is null and void. The international community does not recognize “effecti

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ve control” created through occupation by force. The Philippines’ “effective▓ control” is mere occupation by naked use of force of some islands and reefs

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of China’s▓ Nansha Qundao. Such occupation violates the Charter of the United Nations and the basic norms governing international relations and is unequivocally pro

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  • d US$ 2.56 trillion, ▓an increase
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  • vestment reached $92.4billion. - De▓velopment of
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hibited by international law. This so-called “effective control&

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rkforce. Urban per ▓capita annual disposable income reached 15,781 yuan, an increase of 8.4% in▓ real terms, and rural per capita net income reached 4,761 yuan, up by 8% in real terms. - Great ▓victories were won in the fight again

st massive natural disasters▓.